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Why are you paying more for shipping even though the number of packages shipped have essentially stayed the same.

Here are the average rate increases in 2017:

  • FedEx Express® increased by an average of 3.9%
  • FedEx Ground/Home Delivery® increased by an average of 4.9%
  • FedEx Express® increased by an average of 3.9%
  • UPS Air® increased an average net 4.9%
  • UPS Ground® increased by an average net of 4.9%

The immediate solution would be to audit these packages and make sure you are at least getting the service you are paying for - get refunds for the late packages. Additionally, review your Service Types and make sure you are optimizing the correct choice of shipping to meet your customers needs. There is no need to spend the money for expedited shipping when a cheaper service would get the package delivered in the same time frame.

Next, review the Service Charges so you get an understanding of what the carriers are charging you in addition to what you are paying for actually shipping the packages. These assessorial charges include everything from Residential and Fuel surcharges to Additional Handling. Don't assume these charges are correctly rated or that they are correctly applied to the appropriate packages.

Last month a health care client thought WAY outside the box and asked us to create an interactive map that shows the origin and destination of every package shipped. While still in development, this tool will allow clients to experience data as never before. What can we do to give you better insight into how you are shipping and where you are spending your money?

Let us know !