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FedEx® Late Delivery Refund Policy

Fedex ® Refund Policy

It’s been a hard road getting your company operating at peak productivity, choosing the most beneficial shipping options to keep your clients happy and continuously turning a profit. The question we ask is how much time do you have in your weekly duties to take on the audit of your carrier accounts making sure that all charges are correct and that you are not owed money? Furthermore, would it make good use of your staff’s time to manually track and audit each package - a process that has proven to suffer from human error while resulting in a net negative to the company’s bottom line?

Your worrying is over as RCS eliminates the hassle of filling claims with the carriers and we manage the entire process- from data collection to providing the most advanced dynamic reporting on the market.

The FedEx late delivery refund policy (known as the money back guarantee- MBG) can be summarized with the following: assuming there are no exceptions (weather delays, address correction, etc.) every package is guaranteed to arrive on time or you as the shipper are owed a refund- even if that package is 61-seconds late. With that said though, you have a limited window to claim these late packages. If you miss this roughly 15-day window to claim your express (air) and ground packages, you lose.